body transformationEveryone comes to us with a goal to transform – it may be their health, self esteem, a specific skill or their physique.

They’ve taken the most difficult step – recognized their need/desire to change and taken action by picking up the phone and starting the process.

Transformation is about education. People who are at the top of ANY field are serious students. Skulpt trainers are no exception, and as the fields of exercise physiology and nutrition science are constantly evolving, so to is the knowledge of your Skulpt personal trainer – committed to never stop learning and growing.

It is our responsibility as trainers to provide our clients with the essential information on applied health, nutrition and training philosophies that will enable them to transform.  Time is money. Getting a Skulpt personal trainer shortens the learning curve and saves you time. It's not a cost, it's an investment in your greatest asset, your health.

Trainers work. Motivation works. Hard work works. Here’s proof…



Billie-Odelle Gore

I started training with Skulpt in November 2008. My goal was to maintain my fitness levels. Since training with Skulpt I have lost weight, gained muscle and increased my cardio fitness. I have had great results each time.

I have had the opportunity to train with all the trainers at Skulpt and each session has been fun, different and I come away feeling like I have achieved a lot. The trainers are very friendly, supportive and work with you to achieve your goals. They certainly look after their clients.

Paul DeMatteo

When I first started at Skulpt I was looking to get back to my normal weight of approximately 74kg after blossoming out to 91kg - I was feeling really unhealthy and depressed about where I was with regard my personal well-being. I had lost control of my eating and really was feeling like I would never be able to get back in control. I believe this is the main difference between Skulpt and other personal training studio's in that Skuplt teaches you to train effectively and but also educates you in terms of your diet and nutrition. This allowed me to get back in control of my eating and training and it has been the gaining back of this control that I am most grateful to Skulpt for.

This was really important to me as initially when I first started training I was not losing weight but in fact was putting it on due to my bad eating and drinking! Once I got my diet in order with the aid of all the advice being given to me in the weekly nutrition meetings, I found that I didn’t need to binge eat anymore or crave any unhealthy snacks or alcohol - the end result being that I consistently have been able to shed a kilo a week and now am proud to say that I weigh in at 71kg, even lower than my initial goal!! I really enjoy the challenges that my trainer throws at me all the time and he never lets up on trying to push me to another level and improving my fitness further. Thank You Skulpt!

Karen Villanueva

Whenever I tried to ‘get into shape’ I gave the usual excuses, I was a busy person, had work and personal commitments, trainers are too expensive, I didn’t want to give up my lifestyle or be in a position where I was on display in front of others. I finally realised that it was all lies. All I needed to do was to just put as much effort into myself as I did for everything and everyone else - family, friends, work.  I had to put me first for a change. So I sent out a very frank email concise with why I made the decision and what I wanted achieve to various organisations.

Why Skulpt? I got a phone call from Hamish Evans, whose first words to me were ‘ I read your email - it was very direct and I thought it was great’. I didn’t get the super-hyper-let-me-be-your-best-friend tone/spiel that I got from other organisations and there was no pressure to commit to anything straight away. The trainers were very realistic, advising me what to expect, helping me set genuine goals, not making it all about how much weight was lost, more about how the clothes fit, having more energy, eating smart and still enjoy the glass of wine. I got the results I wanted, I dropped 10-12kg, I had more energy and I had more confidence. That was 2 years ago. Last year I got sick - it was very serious and not once did I feel like I was just a client to the trainers, I felt their genuine concern for me throughout that horrible period.  I kept trying to pretend being sick didn’t affect me but six months later I am still recovering from the treatments side effects and I cannot say enough about how the team at Skulpt have been very patient, supportive and encouraging while still pushing me to get back to the level of fitness I was beforehand.  I am almost there, it is hard and can be frustrating but I know if I hit a roadblock or fall back a bit, any one of the trainers will work with me and help me get back on track.